Reservoir Engineers

Reservoir Engineer

Part of the reservoir engineer’s typical function is to perform pressure transient tests on a regular basis.  He is also charged with managing the reservoir to produce and maximize value over the productive life of the well / field.  He is often the one that models the reservoir and works with the Geophysical and Geologists (G&G) group to identify structures on the seismic map suitable for drilling.  He would typically also incorporate wellbore fluid analysis (water and PVT) into his studies of the reservoir. Below is a listing of responsibilities gleaned from a major operator seeking to hire a reservoir engineer.

  • Evaluate oil and gas reservoir performance and depletion strategies
  • Analyze actual field data and recommend new projects for increasing reserves
  • Perform reserve evaluations estimating reserves and recoveries
  • Develop engineering models integrating well performance
  • Conduct reservoir simulations to predict reservoir performance
  • Perform technical and economic evaluations to add reserves

SPIDR Applications for the Reservoir Engineer

Based on the Reservoir Engineer’s responsibilities you see listed above, the RE would have an interest in most all types of pressure transient testing.  Applications of the SPIDR for reservoir engineers includes:

  • Pressure Build-up work to derive a P* (reservoir pressure) number
  • Limits testing (determining reservoir size and volume)
  • Interference & Communication Testing to understand whether wells within a field or reservoir communicate and if so, how well
  • Determining the Size of the Reservoir
  • Building models that suggest whether the reservoir is depleting as anticipated or not

Analyzing the change of pressure over time while accurately measuring the rate and periodically analyzing the composition of the gas/fluid stream are the fundamental building blocks of managing an oil and gas asset.

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